Exploring Consumers’ Payment Behaviours atCompleting Micro-Transactions withVending Machines in Sweden

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Människa-datorinteraktion


This thesis empirically investigated factors that affect consumers’ choice of paymentoptions including cash, credit card and mobile payment, in completingmicro-transactions with vending machines. For the purpose, a theory-informedqualitative study was conducted through semi-structured interviews in combinationwith observations. As a result, we found that consumers choose cash/coins as apriority payment with vending machines because they are traditionally perceived ascash-operated machines. However, since Sweden is moving toward a cashless society,credit card is suggested to be the most compatible with the purchase habit of Swedishpeople. Despite the compatibility, credit card payment with vending machines isperceived as insecure because of vagueness of transaction, pay without pin code andpotential risk of financial fraud. For mobile payment, the findings suggest thatperceived advantage of using mobile payment with vending machines are efficiency,security and privacy. Several barriers to consumers’ acceptance of mobile payment are also identified, which includes complexity and the lack of social influences.

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