Innovation in the Swedish service sector : - An e-survey analysis

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Linnéuniversitetet/Ekonomihögskolan, ELNU; Linnéuniversitetet/Ekonomihögskolan, ELNU

Sammanfattning: Services have become the dominant sector in the economies of most industrialized countries and consequently the interest for service innovation and service companies also increased, including in Sweden. The purpose of this study is therefore, to understand the different types and sources of innovation, actors involved, company aspects and obstacles faced in different parts of the service sector. A quantitative method was applied and thus, an e-survey was sent to several service companies in Sweden. The study counts with 868 valid respondents and from the data collected a statistical analysis was made (through the computer software SPSS). In the study it was conclude that the reality of Swedish service companies is, at some extent in accordance with the theories of Sources of Innovation, Types of Innovation, Innovation Protection and Barriers of Innovation. However, some distinctions were also detected and furthers explained.

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