Rapport och Nyheterna : - innehållsanalys av deras gemensamma nyheter

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Karlstads universitet/Institutionen för kultur och kommunikation


The purpose of this paper is to investigate contents in the news in order to search for similarities between the two television news reports, Rapport and Nyheterna. The news features that I examined in my investigation were broadcast in April and May 2006.

SVT and TV4 are two Television channels both belonging to the analogue television network in Sweden, which means that they reach out to almost the whole country. Hence I thought it was interesting to investigate their reports on similar news.

The question:

- Which are the similarities and differences between how the two programmes describe their reporting on similar news?

When I put together the information from the two programmes in the schedule I based my analysis on the following questions: topic, place, length, type of reporting and per-sons/sources.

The method for this investigation is a quantitative content analysis. However, some part of the collection of information and description/interpretation of the material is qualita-tive.

Rapport and Nyheterna had an average of 15 similar news features per week, of which foreign news dominated. During the three weeks the investigation took place Rapport and Nyheterna had in total 46 similar news features. In addition to foreign news political and crime news dominated. The news broadcast at Channel 4 has more in common with Rapport rather than the other way round. Rapports consignments are in addition to this always longer compared to Nyheternas.

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