GeoAnalys i Flashmiljö

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Linköpings universitet/Visuell informationsteknologi och applikationer

Sammanfattning: There exists a great need among companies and other organizations to be able to visualize statistics. It’s also increasingly common to ask for web-based solutions for increased flexibility and accessibility for users. This paper describes how large amounts of geovisual data, for a large number of regions, can be visualized in an interactive and well-presented manner. The paper let’s you walk through two application scenarios, developed in a Flash environment, using the GeoViz component library for visualization.   The first application has been developed for Statistics Sweden (SCB), to give a solution on how to visualize statistics for Sweden’s zip code regions. The number of zip code regions, a total of 9019, is too high to be able to visualize with today’s computers. This paper gives an example of a solution to this problem, where the regions are being split up according to their respective counties and one county is visualized at a time. The user may freely switch between the different counties, to be able to access statistics for the whole of Sweden.   The second application scenario is a prototype for a road weather prediction system, developed at SMHI for The Swedish Road Administration. They have about 750 weather stations placed along the roads of Sweden, continuously monitoring and reporting road- and weather conditions. Using theses data, together with SMHI:s forecasts, the application may give information on were there is an elevated risk for slippery roads, frost, condensation or strong winds at present time, but also up to 24 hours into the future. The user is given an overview over the status of all stations, but also the possibility to study certain stations in more detail. The application facilitate descision making on, for example, where and when to send out road maintainance vehicles, in good time before the road conditions gets to bad.

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