Implementering av V2G i mobilitetshuset Dansmästaren : En modelleringsstudie

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för fysik och astronomi

Sammanfattning: Uppsala’s population and infrastructure is expanding at a fast rate. This results in problems with supplying sufficient electrical power during peak hours such as early mornings and late evenings. One of the many ways to solve this issue is through peak shaving by using parked electrical vehicles as batteries to discharge into the power grid (vehicle-to-grid). In this report, the possibilies for peak shaving during peak hours in a mobility house called Dansmästaren are presented, as well as the possibilities for the vehicle-to-grid technology in the future. Dansmästaren has 60 available parking slots for electric vehicles, and a large central battery available.Through simulations using MATLAB, the results show that it’s possible to achieve a considarable degree of peak shaving, while battery degradation is kept reasonably low. Conclusions regarding vehicle-to-grid in the future are that there is a large potential for Vehicle-to-grid to become an important part of tomorrow’s energy system. However, continued research and development is necessary, as well as bigger focus on the social and economic aspects of this technology. A succesful implementation will require cooperation between the grid owners, the industry and the customers.

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