The effect of test case design in software testing bots

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för data- och informationsteknik

Sammanfattning: Traditional approaches of testing in software developmentinclude running the test cases on a software component,referred to as unit testing, which usually only tests a specificpart of a component, as opposed to testing the whole flow of thesystem (end-to-end testing). Test bots are software automationtools that help improve the system testing via automation, whichis beneficial for development teams as the test bots help decreasethe amount of time spent on testing. As development projectsbecome larger, it is important to focus on improving the testbot’s effectiveness. The test bots run a set of test cases that checkwhether the system under test meets the requirements set forth bythe customer. This thesis uses a case study approach to investigatehow test case designs can affect the test bots, and by using thefindings gathered from the study, we aim to create a guide fortest design schema for such bots. Furthermore, this study aimsto find how the software testing practices in an IT company candiffer from what the literature presents. We identify the mainchallenges when using test bots in the automotive industry anda guideline is composed of seven steps to aid stakeholders indesigning tests where test bots are part of the testing cycles.

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