The Ethics of Joseph Fletcher And His Views Of Genetic control

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Linköpings universitet/Centrum för tillämpad etik


As we approach the 21st Century, our society is increasingly being faced with technological advances. One of such areas of advancement is the reasearch involving human genes. The human genome-mapping project(HGMP) started on the first of october 1990 with a group of over 350 labs. but by late 90's, many important advances had been discovered concerning how to improve the human specie. With these advances came ethical questions and concerns.Both moral and legal questions have been raised as to the effectiveness and safty of this technology. It is the contention of this paper to give a clearer meaning and understanding of the ethics of genetic control.As such I will discuss the wide spread fears and anxiety brought about by the introduction of this new technology. To make this aim more comprehensible, I will pay particular attention to Joseph Fletcher and his books on Genetic control, and Humanhood: Essays In Biomedical Ethics. Fletchers ardent support for genetic control has developed worldwide debates from both ethicists and philosophers as to the safty and efficiency of genetic engineering.

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