Ledarskap på distans - En kvalitativ studie om hur konsulten uppfattar att ledarskap på distans kan påverka trivsel i ett teknikkonsultbolag

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / / Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: The purpose of the study was to investigate distant leadership and how this factorcan have an impact on a consultant's comfort when on an assignment at another geographicallocation. The study also aimed to present suggestions for how the organizationcan work to improve the distant leadership in order to promote the comfort of the consultant.The subject of the study was chosen based on its relevance for the human resourcemanagement field, but also since the consultant role is getting more and morecurrent at the labor market. Organizations choose to hire consultants to a greater extentas a form of flexible workforce and the consultant role is also often actively chosen bythe individual due to potential benefits such as the perceived flexibility within the roleand the experience of a greater opportunity to manage the own work (Tsoukalas, 2003;Andersson, 2011). The present study was conducted at an IT consultant company andthe data was collected through a qualitative method. Semi-structured qualitative interviewswere held over Skype and Facetime with ten IT-consultants at the organizationand the respondents were selected through a selection method where first line managersat the organization asked consultants at their unit if they wanted to participate. The resultshowed that the consultants at the current organization generally experience a high levelof comfort in the consultant role and that the leadership at the organization is perceivedas virtually close (Antonakis & Atwater, 2002). By relating previous research and thecurrent study’s result to Herzberg’s FAE model (Hedegaard Hein, 2018), a discussionwas held to answer the purpose of the study. The conclusion shows that there is a positiveconnection between distant leadership and the consultant’s comfort, although thedistant leadership factor cannot by its own explain whether an individual is pleased inthe consultant role since there are other factors that has an impact. However, the resultcan still be of relevance for the organization since it shows of the importance of a gooddistant leadership in order to promote the comfort of the consultant.

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