Management System for Operations Mantenanace in Offshore Wind Turbine Plant

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Högskolan i Halmstad/Sektionen för ekonomi och teknik (SET); Högskolan i Halmstad/Sektionen för ekonomi och teknik (SET)


Management system for enhancing transfer of knowledge in wind power industry has not received sufficient research attention in recent times. In some cases, the wind power plant owner does not control the management system for operation and maintenance activities. Most of these wind power plants are under contract and rely upon the turbine vendor to perform most of the maintenance works and subsequently share their experience at the initial stage of operation.

This research investigates the management system for the operations and maintenance activities of the offshore wind plant in Lillgrund. The research also explores the type of learning method that was adopted by the wind turbine vendor (Siemens) to transfer the operation and maintenance knowledge to the operator and owner (Vattenfall) within the speculated period. It was realized that in the next one year, the Vattenfall would be in full control of the operations and maintenance activities of the offshore wind power plant in Lillgrund. The co-management arrangement will give Siemens a good reputation and gainful experience in the wind power industry. The arrangement is achievable due to Siemens strategy to strive for constructive and long-standing relationships with their customer, based on trust, respect, and honesty. Vattenfall on the other hand, is aiming to be the partner of choice for their suppliers at the same time as best serving their internal customers.

The provision for the training during the co-management period enables Siemens to strengthen their relationship with Vattenfall in this industry. In addition, Siemens also maintain close relationship with their customers and develop a large part of their portfolio, frequently on site. Vattenfall improves profitability and value creation, as a fundamental prerequisite for continued growth. The management systems of Vattenfall can be related to professional bureaucracy, this is due to the fact that it was organized to accommodate Siemens experts. Vattenfall benefits from the co-management activities of the operation and maintenance of the Lillgrund wind power plant for a specific period of time. The outcome of the research work has proven that there is an effective time-dependent proportionality for a gradual transfer of the technical knowledge of operation and maintenance from Siemens Wind AB to the Vattenfall personnel.

The research started from the perspective of the maintenance method by Swedish standard for wind power, and the way things are being carried out in a more practical way in Lillgrund plant.

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