Visualisering av Flight Recorder-data i Saab 2000 avionikrigg

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för systemteknik


The main purpose of a Flight Data Recorder (FDR) is to facilitate the investigation of incidents. In order to interpret the data that has been recorded in the FDR the data has to be visualized in some way. This can be done with software on a computer or with hardware that is specific for the model of aircraft that the data originates from.

The aim of this project is to visualize data for six parameters from the FDR of Saab 2000 in an avionics rig. The avionics rig resembles the cockpit of Saab 2000 and the displays in it are identical to the ones found in the plane. All six parameters are shown on the same display.

Due to safety regulation vital systems in aircraft are doubled, with one system on the left side and one on the right. Because of the architecture of the rig it was decided that data from the right-hand side systems were to be visualized on the right-hand side display. It is not possible to guarantee that no incorrect values are shown for the parameter altitude when values are taken from the right-hand side, but it can be done for values from the left side. This is the reason why values are taken from the left-hand side for altitude. In the rig a computer with an ARINC429-card and the software Data Bus Analyzer was accessible to transmit data to the displays. DBA can save received data in ASCII-files and also open and transmit the data in such files. Data that has been extracted from an FDR can be converted to the format which DBA can read with macros that have been written in the project. After conversion the data can be transmitted to the display on which it is supposed to be visualized.

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