International cooperation as policy transfer : the case of a violence prevention project between Swedish and Ukrainian NGOs.

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för socialt arbete, SA

Sammanfattning: Background International cooperation became a wide-spread way of exchanging experience and ideas between organizations of the non-profit sector all over the world. The exchange of new ideas and experience on the international level can very often contain cases of policy transfer, which beyond all doubts can influence the participants of international cooperation. Aim The aim of the presented Master's thesis consists of the investigation and analysis of international project on violence prevention between Swedish and Ukrainian NGOs, assessing and verifying the representation in the project the particular case of policy transfer. Method In order to collect the empirical data, mixed qualitative methods were used in this thesis, which included the concept of triangulation used for the data collection. Result The conduction of the presented qualitative research gave an opportunity to uncover and examine the different roles played by Ukrainian and Swedish NGOs in the welfare systems of their respective countries. It also became possible to observe an occurrence of a particular form of cooperation between the two NGOs in the international cooperation project, which can be related to a particular type of policy transfer. Conclusions Due to the fact that the project analysed in this study is still ongoing, it is still too early to derive any final conclusion about its achievements and formulate an evaluation concerning the nature of the policy transfer process. So far the author of the presented thesis can see that the project on its current stage has an occurrence of lesson-drawing policy transfer.

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