Knack knack. Vem där? Populism! - visuell analys på valfilmer från Sverigedemokraterna och Vänsterparitet inför valet 2018

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för strategisk kommunikation

Sammanfattning: Political parties use different strategies to get the voters to vote for them. The technological development has meant that the use of election movies no longer is something only used in The United States but also something used in Sweden. This study focuses on the construction of Sverigedemokraternas and Vänsterpartiets election movies prior to the 2018 election. The purpose of this study is to interpret how visual and rhetorical means are used from a marketing perspective of each party to convey their brand. In addition, the purpose is also to find similarities between these two parties and how these similarities can be linked to political communication. To be able to study and interpret the construction semiotics and rhetoric are used as both theory and method, and a marketing perspective is also applied as theory. The analysis is based on concepts that are retrieved and defined in the theoretical framework. The analysis is divided into three parts where the first part is based on the use of a semiotic analysis method, second part will be based on a rhetorical analysis method and in the third part the marketing perspective presented in the theoretical framework is applied on the respective election movies. This theses paper concludes that both parties uses a clearly structured marketing and also uses political communication in a similar way. Both Sverigedemokraterna och Vänsterpartiet have an excessive use of pathos where they place a great focus upon fear. Furthermore, it is also stated in the conclusion that both Sverigedemokraterna and Vänsterpartiet fulfill the requirements for being considered populist according to the definition previously presented in the thesis.

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