Exploring passengers’ interest toward onboard connectivity in the Urban Area

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Skolan för elektroteknik och datavetenskap (EECS)

Sammanfattning: In the recent decades, individual industries and whole sectors have been transformed due to the digital revolution. A combination of disruptive technologies and innovative business models, leading to new market opportunities and bringing unique values to customers. Companies that are primarily focused on the digitalization are able to scale their businesses faster and gain leading market positions. This thesis explored the impact of digitalization on the rail industry based on a business case by Bombardier Transportation (BT). Deregulation of the rail market and a focus on passengers’ experience was identified by BT as a business opportunity. Bombardier’s strategy was to extend products and services beyond those of a train operator, toward passengers. Bombardier initiated a project with code name “ON: BOARD” that was aimed at increasing journey experience by providing digital entertainment. However, the problem was the lack of knowledge regarding the passengers’ interest towards services provided under the scope of the project ON: BOARD, in particular in the Urban Area. The goal of this thesis was to observe passengers’ interest towards services of the project ON: BOARD traveling with Commuter trains in the area of Stockholm city. In order to meet the research goal and answer research questions, a qualitative method was selected. To be more precise, a survey with a structured questionnaire was conducted within a heterogeneous population. Non-probability quota-based sampling technique was selected. The collected data was analyzed based on descriptive statistical method, in particular, using one-way and cross-tabulation methods. Based on the research result the conclusion was following: passengers in the Urban area, in particular, commuter trains, were highly interested in the connectivity functionalities provided under the scope of project ON: BOARD. Thus, Bombardier was recommended to enter Urban Transport as the part of the market expansion strategy.

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