Smart-matlåda : Produktutveckling - Konstruktion

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för innovation, design och teknik

Sammanfattning: The aim of this thesis in the course PPU305 Product development-construction is to develop a concept of a new lunchbox on a mission from the company Millcroft. The aim was also to write this thesis and answering the research questions. To answer the question “What material should be used that can handle heat, which is not toxic, but can easily be formed and give a feeling of quality?” by making a material selection in CES-Edupack there were three types of material been selected for the various parts in the lunchbox after material-requirement was made. “What needs do the users of lunchboxes see that is unmet in the lunchboxes on the market?” To answer this question a questionnaire was made in an early stage of the product development process. This was made to see what the potential customers had in mind when it comes to lunchboxes, to implement in the concept generating phase. “What would a new lunchbox-design look like, that care to remove some problems that users see in lunchboxes on the market?” This question was answered by concept generation and a Pugs matrix that lead the way to remove some of the concepts and help to combine and continue develop other concepts. The final concept was verified by a conceptual test with a group of people. There was also established the size of the lunchbox. The form of the lunchbox was generated by requests from the questionnaire that the lunchbox should hold tight. By having a cylindrical face, the lunchbox can have a threaded lid that would help to keep it tight from leaking. The thought was also that the lunchbox by its shape would stick out from other lunchboxes on the market. The result of this work is a concept of a multifunctional lunchbox in two sections. It contains two cans, a pair of inserts where you can put salad, sauce or what you prefer, two lids that fits on the two cans. It`s two lids because of the injection angle. This lunchbox even has a cooling plate that can be fit on the second can. There was a wish to bring cutlery so that was also kept in mind and result in a cutlery case.  The conclusion of this work is that it`s important to plan the work and prepare for any problems along the way so that there is time to fix them. The work went well and it was good to use a Agil mode of work so that each phase tuned off and any improvements could be made smoothly. Recommendations for further development are to find a manufacturer of a suitable cooling gel.

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