Operationsklinikernas klimatpåverkan

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Sammanfattning: Background: One of the greatest challenges of our time is climate change. There are significant possibilities for operation clinics to develop new methods of working in order to decrease the negative climate impact. In the competency description for nursing staff working in anaesthesia, every member of staff must work towards sustainable development. Previous research has shown that operation clinic staff are aware of the need for decreasing the negative climate impact to which the establishment contributes. However, there are practical shortcomings.Aim: To examine how operation clinics can decrease the negative climate impact in the perioperative stage.Method: Systematic literature overview based on quantative articles. The search for literature was carried out in a primary and secondary search in the databases Cinahl and PubMed. Revision and analysis of data was carried out with the support of a three step modell by Bettany -Saltikov and McSherry.Results: During the analysis three themes became apparent: attitudes towards and obstacles facing efficient environmental work, training efforts to increase knowledge and factors which lower environmental impact. Staff attitudes influence how well the environmental work is carried out within the operation clinics. The most common barriers are lack of knowledge regarding correct waste management, fear of biohazardous waste, lack of management support, lack of time and poor personal interest in environmental work. The result also shows that through training efforts as well as improved waste management and pharmaceutical product management, the operation clinics can decrease their negative climate impact.Conclusion: During the course of writing this paper, a number of factors which impact the environmental work in operation clinics have been identified. The conclusion is that through increased knowledge regarding recycling, improved handling of waste and pharmaceutical products as well as making conscious choices regarding working methods and materials, operational clinics can substantially contribute towards lowering the negative climate impact.

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