Utomeuropeiska muslimska kvinnor som företagare : En kvalitativ studie av utomeuropeiska kvinnliga företagare med muslimsk bakgrund i kronobergs län

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för samhällsstudier (SS)

Sammanfattning: The purpose with this study is to find and analyse the reasons to why non- European women with Muslim background start their own business in Sweden. The purpose is also to investigate which resources the women have and mobilize to start and run their own businesses. To gather data, interviews have been conducted with eight female entrepreneurs originally from Iran, Afghanistan, Irak, Syria, Lebanon and Somalia who have owned their own business in Kronoberg County in Sweden. The Interviews with two advisors who give advice to people that wants to start a business in Sweden have also been conducted. The interviews were transcribed in full, thereafter they have been analysed in relation to the theoretical concepts of pull-and push factors, habitus, cultural, social and economic capital. This has led up to the following themes; women's background before immigration to Sweden, their experience of education and job before starting their own business in Sweden and their experience as Non-European women with Muslim background as entrepreneurs in the Swedish labour market. The result from interviews with the business leaders shows that these women have started the business for two main reasons. First, are personal reasons, including having independence, developing personal development by starting a business, having prestige by starting Own enterprise. The second reason is about the structural problems in society, including unemployment, livelihood, and lack of relevant jobs that match their educational background, which have been caused in some cases by discrimination in the labor market. In order to finance their businesses, the women have used different strategies, including using their ethnic ethnicity network for borrowing money from family members, use their own money that they have saved before stating a company, or borrow money from the Swedish banks and ALMI.

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