VEM SKA TA ANSVAR FÖR DÖDEN? En kvalitativ studie om skolkuratorers syn på skolans roll i det suicidpreventiva arbetet.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för socialt arbete

Sammanfattning: The aim of the study is to examine what school counselors opine of high schools’ part in thework with youth suicide prevention. The material consisted of interviews with six high schoolcounselors in Gothenburg. We used a qualitative method and analysed the empirical materialwith an interview analysis which was characterized by general analytical approaches wherevarious analytical methods where used. The theorizing was done with use of system theory,social interaction theory and theories of cooperation to conceptualize and create anexplanation of the empirical material. Our study implicated the range of high schoolcounselors different perceptions of suicide prevention as a phenomenon, which presents asdifferent strategies in the result section. This invigorate the phenomenons complexity. Thestrategies we found is: the importance of being a good school, the social environmentssignificance, the importance of information, counselors accessibility and to lower thethreshold, the ability to identify students who suffers and cooperation. Our results showedthat a more reasonable role and part for high schools in the work with suicide prevention is tohave an health promoting approach, but that it has to be improved. To make this possible, thehealth promoting work needs to be given more importance and priority than what it getstoday. To take advantage of the school as an arena for the health promoting work is theoptimal way to reach adolescents, and plays an important part to reach the goal of reducingthe quantity of suicide cases.

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