Matematik och ingenjören : Utveckling av en aktivitet för att öka elevers motivation för matematik

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Skolan för teknikvetenskaplig kommunikation och lärande (ECE)


This thesis primarily includes a study on whether companies can develop a mathematical activity that supports students' motivation in mathematics. The work was done together with Midroc Electro, a company that pays attention to the difficulty of recruiting and therefore was interested in investigating how the business world would be able to contribute.

The thesis can be divided into three stages. The first part comprised by a exploration into research on student motivation regarding mathematics as well as numerous interviews with engineers to see how the research findings did fit with Midroc Electros reality. In these studies it became clear that the student who aims for a profession whose education or work requires math belongs to the group of students who primarily manage their studies in mathematics, that is, those that have the greatest motivation to work hard and complete their studies.

Research information and interviews were compared and resulted in the thesis second part, Midroc Challenge. An activity where students primarily came to learn about the engineering profession and secondly how mathematics can be used in the engineering profession. Student’s had to plan, build and program a robot to complete a two-dimensional path. At the end of the day, in form of a contest, the student’s calculations were tested and the winners were those that completed the whole path, they that had counted correctly when they programmed the robot.

The third stage of the thesis investigated whether students who participated in Midroc Challenge showed some indications that they had been affected by the activity. Students gave the day the score nine out of ten, where ten was the top rating. A tendency that students had become motivated to study engineering could also be traced, with the consequence that some students may have been more motivated to study mathematics.

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