Kan Sverige ha inflytande? En studie om påverkansmöjligheter inom EU och GUSP

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen; Lunds universitet/Mänskliga rättigheter

Sammanfattning: Sweden, amongst others, is usually considered a small state in a greater European context. Small state influence in the European Union (EU) is a research field filled with vast potential and possibilities. This study focuses on Swedish influence on the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CSFP) of the EU and the different strategies that small states may apply in order to obtain influence in international organizations. To analyze the case of Swedish influence, a theoretical framework has been constructed in order to understand what different approaches may be used in influencing the European Union in general. A qualitative approach has been pursued in order to find and partially explain Swedish influence on the CSFP. The findings of this study conclude that it is possible for small states to obtain influence in the EU, but that measuring the scale of it is problematic due to several reasons.

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