Förbättra arbetssätten på ett litet It-företag

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Industriell teknik

Sammanfattning: The purpose of the thesis work is to map, explain, propose and follow up on solutions to quality problems in a small growing IT company in an attempt to reduce or completely eliminate costs of poor quality. The report includes theory of change management, process and quality management, process maturity, agile methods, characteristic features for IT companies, DMAIC project tool and challenges for growing companies. It is a case study that is based predominantly on qualitative primary data. Data has been collected using a customer survey, as well as observations and interviews with employees and management. The result shows that the organization is struggling with quality problems. The problems look slightly different depending on which department is being reviewed. In the development department, which works with large projects over a long period of time, the main problem is lack of complete customer requirement specifications. At the Operations Department the main problem is that they are unable to test according to needs. Cunclusions to be drawn is that there are quality deficiencies related to testing and requirements specification within the IT company. Part of the reasons behind the problems is the lack of structure and follow-up. Three action plans have been drawn up to address the problems. A follow-up plan has also been created, which includes both follow-up of statistical data and feedback from employees and customers.

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