"Att inte göra något är kärlekslöst" : Om polisens preventiva arbete med ungdomskriminalitet

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Gävle/Socialt arbete; Högskolan i Gävle/Socialt arbete

Sammanfattning: The current study focuses on how the police work to efficiently and effectively prevent juvenile delinquency and how they experience their work with criminal youth. As well as how the police experiences the work effectiveness. The study has been carried out using four semistructured interviews with law enforcers in Sweden working with different tasks. The results showed that some things could be done differently in the practical work against juvenile delinquency, however cooperation between different authorities; the police, social workers and schools, is of great importance. An effort should be made by the police to build relationships between them and the youths in order to prevent forming a negative image of the police. To put in early prevention strategies can have both positive and negatives on the youths.

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