Using T-Reqs As Teaching Solution For Requirements Engineering In Second Cycle University Courses

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för data- och informationsteknik

Författare: Yazan Alsahhar; Gabriel-marian Bulai; [2019-11-18]

Nyckelord: requirements engineering; RE; T-Reqs;

Sammanfattning: RE education should be realistic and reflect theprogress reached within industry [1]. Recently, T-Reqs hasbeen proposed as a simple, yet powerful tool to manage systemrequirements in large-scale Agile development within industry.This study will investigate whether T-Reqs can be used in REeducation, by proposing a concept for using it in a Masterlevel requirements engineering course. In order to achievethis, a design science research was performed. Multiple coursestakeholders, instruments and artefacts will be involved indiscovering the course challenges and addressing them withT-Reqs. The final decision incorporating new teaching evaluationand assessment directions will be given by the current REteam and discussed with other teachers. The first iterationof the study ends with a list of existing RE challenges, someof which have been addressed with T-Reqs and for which astudent training material was produced. It is accompanied byteaching assessment remarks on how to didactically proceedwith T-Reqs’ introduction to the course. The results of the firstiteration of this study suggest that T-Reqs can be introduced inthe next instance of the RE Master course as a recommendedauxiliary/helping RE tool. Consequently, students would tryT-Reqs and provide further feedback in order to continueimproving it.

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