“I prefer Asian models over white, because I am Chinese” : En kvalitativ studie om kinesiska utbytesstudenters uppfattningar om västerländska modeller i kinesisk reklam

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Umeå universitet/Institutionen för kultur- och medievetenskaper


The aim of this study has been to, from a comparative perspective examine how the use of western models in Chinese advertising are perceived by chinese exchange students living in Sweden. The scientific approach in this study has been both with semiotic picture analysis and qualitative interviews. The study's empirical material has consisted of pictures of white models in fashion magazines published in China for example Vouge China. These pictures were presented to the respondents during the interviews, and questions were asked about them and the answers is also a part of this study's empirical material. The theoretical perspectives used in this study is based on theories about whiteness, stereotypes and occidentalism. The results in the study has shown that the whithe models are presented with high status both in the semiotic picture analysis and the qualitative interviews. It has also shown that the respondents prefer asian models over white in advertising in China, especially with products conected to the body and that the white stereotype is almost described identiaclly by all the respondents. Finally the result has found that the ethnicity is connected to picture enviroments, in that way if it is a white model it should be a western enviroment. 

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