Konsten att bygga förtroende : Förhållandet mellan förtroende, webbdesign och kön inom svensk e-handel

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: E-commerce is the activity of selling or buying products and services over the internet. Because of its growing popularity, online businesses must ensure their websites are trusted by their consumers in order to achieve success. Previous research shows that consumer trust in e-commerce can be affected by three key aspects of web design: navigation, information and visual design. It also suggests that demographic factors such as gender might influence how trust is perceived. However, very few studies discuss the importance of the design aspects in relation to gender which is of relevance to better understand how to design websites for different target groups. This bachelor thesis aims to examine the relationship between consumer trust, web design and gender in the context of e-commerce in Sweden. To explore any potential correlations, a mixed method research design was applied. Firstly, a document analysis was applied to the website used in the study to evaluate the design aspects. Secondly, a survey was conducted to explore possible patterns between gender, web design and trust. The result confirmed a relationship between web design and trust. It also showed a significant difference between each gender’s interaction with information design, suggesting that information is more important to women than men to enhance increased amounts of trust. Lastly, the additional aspects of security and marketing need to be considered when designing a trustworthy website.

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