Att intensivvårda under pågående pandemiska coronavirus.

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Sammanfattning: Background: At the end of 2019, a pandemic caused by the coronavirus Covid-19 developed across much of the world that may cause serious respiratory diseases in humans. In the social debates, including the state media, the progress of the virus has received major headlines. Discussions have been about lack of hygiene knowledge, protective equipment, intensive care units and intensive care nurses. Many of the most serious infected patients have ended up in intensive care with severe compilations such as respiratory problems.Aim: How do the intensive care nurses work to stop the spread of the corona infection along with safe and good nursing care and what measures should be taken to achieve these results?Method: A systematic literature study based on qualitative articles through advanced search in PubMed and Cinahl databases. The material has been thoroughly processed and analyzed thematically.Results: The result based on twelve articles and presented under two themes: Individual level and Organization level. Individual level was considered the responsibility of the intensive care nurse to prevent the spread of infection through adequate hygiene measures, to use personal protective equipment and to keep distances where possible between people. These measures reduced and stopped the spread of infection in the intensive care units. Organization level is the management's responsibility to provide the intensive care nurse with conditions for preventing the spread of infection through resources, education and a good working environment. Because of these responses the intensive care nurse managed to reduce or stop infections to spread satisfactorily.Conclusion: In order to stop the spread of infection and to provide safe care in the intensive care units, it is vital that the intensive care nurses have good knowledge of working aseptically, use adequate protective equipment and keep distance to other people where possible. It is also important that there are resources such as enough colleagues to help one another, for example, to take turns wearing warm protective equipment. In order for the intensive care nurse to maintain her/his knowledge in infection control, training needs continuously. Last, but not least, a good working environment is needed where you can discuss about problems that have occurred, such as a lack of safety during work with dangerous contamination.

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