RMA - framtidens lösning eller en lösning för framtiden? : RMA - en ny syn på utnyttjandet av militära medel som kräver anpassningsåtgärder på dagens moderna förbandstyper?

Detta är en L3-uppsats från Försvarshögskolan/Försvarshögskolan


The last two decades have changed the society from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. The technological development, especially in IT, has caused a ”Revolution in Military Affairs”. However; how big are the changes RMA will give, or will it even change the foundation of the Art of War and if so, in what way?

RMA has three cornerstones DBA, DS and PE all closely integrated in an NCW-concept. In future armed conflicts, the RMA-force will decisively achieve the objectives of military operations through information and C2 advantages over the adversary. The advantages will enable the force to choose where, when and how to engage the opponent.  The RMA also has great influence on the Armed Forces in Sweden. Under a different name, “den nya krigföringen” Sweden will implement the RMA-intentions in the Armed Forces suited for Swedish conditions. Sweden will not develop a world-wide but a local or regional RMA.The Visby class corvette is developed to meet the future requirement in the maritime environment. The unique hull construction gives Visby a multipurpose capability never seen before. The ship has high survivability and good manoeuvrability.  

A comparison between the Visby and RMA directed Armed Forces indicates that the vessel in all essentials meets the requirements posed. However, some crucial aspects remain to be solved, for example how will communication, in order to contribute to DBA, take place, without risking the safety of the vessel.

Revolution in Military Affairs, Dominant Battlespace Awareness, Decision Superiority, Dynamic Engagement, Information Technology, Swedish Armed Forces, Visby class corvette, the Art of War. 

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