MÄNNISKA OCH KRISTEN GUSTAF WINGRENS SKAPELSETEOLOGI Analys av en accentförskjutning från juridisk teologisk metaforik till biologisk teologisk metaforik

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för litteratur, idéhistoria och religion

Sammanfattning: Titel: Human being and Christian – creationtheology of Gustaf Wingren.Analysis of an accentshift from a juridical theological metaphor to a biological theological metaphor.Author: Tove Pilroth.The purpose of the essay is to analyse the meaning and the consequences, in a critical and constructive way, of an accentshift of interpretation and understanding of the gospel, from a juridical theological metaphor to a biological theological metaphor. The purpose is presented in the frame of the creationtheology of Wingren. To be able to make the research and to answer the purpose of the essay, the following questions are essential:The human being is captive and redemption is liberation. If we are serious about that the gospel gives the human being rehabilitation, satisfaction, liberation and a life and a future with God, the essential question is which metaphor, a juridical or a biological, that speaks to the human being in the best way? What is the meaning of an accentshift from a juridical to a biological metaphor? How does the creationtheologhy of Wingren, from a biological metaphor, meets the situation of the existence for the human being, her longing for life, health and meaning? What kind of theological resources are present in the creationtheology of Wingren, in the confrontation with future theological challenges?The essay is stressing the need of pluralism in the interpretation of the gospel. It is very critical to a one-sided interpretation and understanding of the gospel from the juridical theological metaphor, from guilt to forgiveness. The result of the research is that the theology of Gustaf Wingren and the biological metaphor has a very challenged and essential address and errand to our time and to the humanness. The content of the biological metaphor is that Christ is coming with life and health where disease and death are present. The biological metaphor, from death to life, emanate from the Easter and the christening. The metaphor is about a lifelong dynamic process to grove, change and mature as a human being. Human being is something you become, an ongoing process to be liberated, to be true and to be what you are created for: the image of God. True human being does only exist in Christ. The theology of Wingren integrate the first and the second article: to be human being and to be Christian. Recapitulatio from Irenaeus is a central conception of the dogmatics of Wingren. It assume a holistic view of the existence where the humanness is articulated and is taking serious. Redemption, according to recapitulatio, is a restoration of life, to heal, to become a whole, not wounded and healthy humankind. The pattern of life of Christ, through death to life, the process of the corn of wheat, is the pattern for all human life. Redemption is about to become a human being. The result of the essay focus on that the biological metaphor integrate, meets and answer the concrete life and situation of existence for the human being in a radical and in a more essential way. It supports, guide and help the human being to be aware, to insight and understanding of the authentic life of human being. The biological metaphor has a large potential to show and to guide the human being a way to a true, authentic and a living life according to the basic relationship and the connection between Christ and the human being.

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