Processen för samarbeten inom influencer marketing : Utredande och visualiserande fallstudie om hur man kan förbättra processen för sammankoppling mellan aktörerna inom influencer marketing

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informatik och media; Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informatik och media

Sammanfattning: This thesis covers how you can streamline the process of linking business relationships within the process of ”influencer marketing”. The phenomenon is based upon the concept that an actor, which is often a company, collaborates with a person with influence to conduct marketing related to a product, service and/or a company brand. The people with influence can for instance be a musician, blogger or a sports profile. Together with the ongoing digitalization and growing use of social media, this has become a common way of using marketing within a company. There are many third-party agencies on the market today that provide services to build business relationships within the industry. However, these agencies do not generate optimal conditions for cooperation between the parties in the process. This means that there are several weaknesses in the interconnection process mainly related to time and revenue aspects. Hence, it is essential to investigate how to solve these weaknesses and streamline the process to satisfy the needs of the actors concerned. The assignment is performed as a case study, where interviews are conducted via email contact and in conjunction with previous research to obtain empirical data related to the actors within the process. Based on the empirical evidence, the growing market in the industry related to third-party agencies requires efficiency. To clarify the weaknesses of the process today and how it can be streamlined we visualize this through two process maps. The weaknesses in the process make it possible for a system in the form of an application to be a suitable and effective tool for acting intermediary between the actors concerned. The digital platform addresses the weaknesses that exist today, which mainly deal with the cost and time aspects. In addition to this, the digital platform also generates conditions for close relationships within collaborations, which is also a demanded feature from the stakeholders.

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