”Jag vill ha kontroll” – Gravida förstföderskors beskrivning av kontroll inför kommande förlossning

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Sammanfattning: Background: Women describe being in control during pregnancy and labour as having support from their partner and the midwife, getting information, sense of control over their bodies and participation. Feelings of being invisible and non-participating lead to loss of control. Women’s expecations of the birth experience affect their experiences during labour. Previous studies mainly illustrate women’s experiences of control retrospectively. On that account it is valuable to illuminate nulliparous women’s description of control before labour.Aim: To explore how nulliparous women describe control before labour.Method: The interview study had a life-world perspective and was analysed using qualitative content analysis. Six pregnant women were interviewed. One open-ended question was asked, treating the subject of their description of control before labour.Results: Two main themes were found; Reassuring relations and Unsafe conditions, six main categories; Participation, Attitude, Support, Protection, Vulnerability and Chaos and 14 subcategories; Being ready, Knowing what is going on, Being able to influence, Positive feelings, To follow and let yourself being led, Committed Partner, Interaction with the midwife, Possibility of pain relief, Access to specialist knowledge, Being exposed, Feelings of uncertainty, Being drained, Feeling panicked and Changed personality.Conclusion: Sense of control before labour is described as multidimensional, individual and dynamic including internal and external resources, that contribute to sense of control before labour. Causes and consequences of lack of control labour are described. The description of sense of control before labour recur in previous research and contributes to a positive birth experience. Being in control during labour and having a positive birth experience seems to be connected.Keywords: nullipara, expectation, pregnancy, control, loss of control

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