Automatiserad 5D-projektering

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Luleå tekniska universitet/Byggkonstruktion och -produktion

Sammanfattning: Low productivity and high costs have led to an increased interest for industrialized construction methods in Sweden. Several new construction systems have been developed to increase productivity and contribute to a more efficient construction process. Virtual Design and Construction is another term for efficient management of “design-construction projects, including the product (i.e., facilities), work processes and organization of the design - construction - operation team in order to support explicit and public business objectives” (CIFE, Stanford). By streamlining all these areas a cost-effective building process can be achieved. VeidekkeMAX, an open building system that has its roots in the Virtual Design and Construction, has been developed with a focus to increase productivity and be the most cost effective option while the keeping the flexibility in the design of various building components. This thesis has studied the repetitive construction process of the structural system of VeidekkeMax buildings. Vico Office have been used to automate the 5D planning of the construction process of the structural system. A reference project of a VeidekkeMAX building has been used as a basis for the development by comparisons and identifying similarities and differences with the project. The proposed method is based on the definition of a reference file in Vico Office that is supported by information and connecting structures from other software for the 5D design work process. In order to create a reliable procedure it must be designed with the knowledge of how the information is interpreted by different users. In addition the building parts need to be predefined and supplied with the correct specification id, a cost and activity recipe and be connected to a particular work process in the production schedule.

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