Prissättning av ishockeybiljetter : Utbud, efterfrågan, monopol och nya arenor

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Linköpings universitet/Ekonomiska institutionen


This thesis is about pricing of ice hockey tickets in Swedish ice hockey. Ice hockey is a large sport in Sweden, with clubs that more and more are acting like companies. These clubs tend to build new arenas that in many ways change basic variables.

The thesis is an analytic thesis based on information about the clubs and interviews. The purpose is to study the basic variables for pricing of tickets in Swedish ice hockey. Furthermore the pricing itself and its connection to the new arenas are studied.

The focus of the thesis is on the three clubs HV 71, Färjestads BK and Linköpings HC. Theses three clubs come from relatively large Swedish cities and have recently built arenas. The thesis only concerns the clubs’ profit maximization of selling tickets to the public.

Five conclusions are drawn:

1) The supply consists of ice hockey, but also more than that.

2) The demand is large and can be divided into several demand curves that together form stairs.

3) The clubs have monopoly in their respective region.

4) The new arenas have changed supply and demand in a way that the price level has raised.

5) The clubs’ pricing differ in quality.

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