Poly - bejakandet av samtidigt begär och samtidig kärlek. : En genusvetenskaplig intervjustudie om att (vilja) ha flera kärleksfulla intima relationer samtidigt.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Institutionen för genus, kultur och historia


Poly, to live in several loving and intimate relationships at the same time, is one alternative to the mono norm. In Sweden polygamy is illegal yet in recent years poly has slowly started to enter the hetero normative political agenda and raise debate in the media. But what does poly mean, and how do those who identify with this type of relationship describe it in contrast to mono? The theoretical framework is based on a structural viewpoint of the changes in the organisation of the family and the growing de-traditionalism of society. Amongst other I use a Foucauldian perspective to explain the structural shift (yet not replacement) between an Alliance pattern and a Sexuality pattern. Other theories in use are that of the emerging ideal of The Pure Relationship and Queer Tendencies. The essay draws its empirical results from seven e-mail and/or face interviews with individuals who identify with poly. The results show that if poly and mono are both understood as expression of the pure relationship they are potentially not so different. Yet the stigma and the lack of role models show that there is much needed public debate about it to unleash it from old discourses that still seem to uphold the equation that love equals two partners. Drawing attention to queer mechanism and the initiated process of the decentralisation of the heterosexual norm, I speculate that in the future polygamy must not be a foreign concept in Swedish society.

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