Onlyfans - sexarbete eller pornografi? En rättssociologisk studie av lagen och sociala normer

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Rättssociologiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: The aim of the following study is to examine the legal status in Sweden in relation to Onlyfans as well as examining social norms surrounding the platform. The questions at issue regard Onlyfans and the content that creators sell there, in relation to the social norms regarding prostitution. This study also reviews how the content on Onlyfans could be interpreted as selling sexual services in accordance with the definition of sexual association that is stated in The Sex Purchase Act. The method is a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods in the form of an online survey and secondary sources such as articles, reports, interviews and podcasts. To examine the Swedish law, The Sex Purchase Act and the legal preparatory work for the law were analyzed. To further deepen the analysis we examined how The Sex Purchase Act has been interpreted in practice of law. Data was analyzed using labelling theory and law as a system of norms. To analyze the results gathered from the online survey, the data was coded and imported to SPSS in order to generate tables of frequencies. The results of this study indicate that the relation between social norms regarding prostitution and Onlyfans show that prostitution seems more stigmatized while Onlyfans could be seen as more accepted in todays society. The study also derives that the content being sold on Onlyfans can be interpreted as selling sexual services in accordance with the Swedish law.

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