Introduktionsprocessen utifrån ett handledarperspektiv - En kvalitativ studie om att lära sig ett nytt arbete

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / / Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

Författare: Rebecca Kinnvall; Amanda Karlsson; [2020-09-03]

Nyckelord: Introduktionsprocess; Onboarding; Handledare;

Sammanfattning: There are many challenges in the labor market today due to globalization and newtechnology, which gives an increased need for competent, well-educated and motivatedemployees. One big part of working with Human Resources is to fill this need. Therecruitment process is something that is costly for organizations, which can be an unmotivatedcost if the newly recruited leaves the company in a short matter of time. One thing thatorganizations can do to increase the chances of new employees staying within the company isto have a well worked out introduction process. Introduction processes include both formaland informal methods which aim to help the newcomer be a part of the organization as fastand effective as possible, as well as socialization to colleagues and the organization itself. Thesubject of introduction processes is often presented as if there is a best practice, which was acontributing factor for the purpose of this study. Another contributing factor was the lack ofliterature that problematized the subject.The purpose of this study was to explore the introduction process through the opinions ofemployees that have responsibilities as a mentor within the introduction process. It aims toexamine how the respondents perceived their own introduction, what their perception is aboutthe introduction process they conduct as mentors and lastly if there are any clear differencesin between the line of business that the respondents work within. The empirical data for thisstudy was gathered through seven semi structured interviews with employees with mentorresponsibilities. The respondents work in different areas of the labor market and theircommon factor is their responsibility during the introduction process of new employees. The data was analyzed using a thematic analysis, and the results were compared with earlierresearch within the subject.Analysis of the empirical data resulted in six common themes; first period of time,introduction time, socialization, lack of resources, evaluation and mentors. The results alsoshowed that there were no clear, distinct differences based on the line of work of therespondents. Differences in challenges during the introduction process came up, asrespondents mentioned a lack of time during the introduction, but the evidence is not strongenough to say that it is due to the industry in which they work. The conclusions made in thisstudy may contribute to the field of Human Resources by highlighting the perception on theintroduction process by mentors, and thereby on which areas may need focus for furtherdevelopment towards a more effective and positive process for everyone involved.

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