Fitness på Instagram: En snygg kropp eller ett välmående inre? : En multimodal kritisk diskursanalys av kroppsideal kontra hälsofördelar med träning i fitness-influencers inlägg på Instagram

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Karlstads universitet

Sammanfattning: The female body ideal has above all been represented by thinness since the beginning of the 20th century. Earlier research indicates that the female ideal of beauty is reproduced and enhanced through media, but there is a research gap according social mediaand body ideal. Anja Hirdman argue that the Western ideal of beauty is represented by the young, slender, tight body and that there is a discourse that encourages women to work with and control their bodies to not be seen as repulsive. The thin ideal is combined with an expectancy of a fit and firm body since 2010: this combined ideal is as hard to attain as the solely thin body, which in turn can result in a negative body image and feelings of guilt. So even though exercising can cause a lot of positive aspects, both physical and psychiatric, it can also lead to negative effects. By this premise and the existing research gap concerning social media and body ideal, this study will focus on how current body ideals versus health benefits of exercising manifests among influencers on Instagram. What is more important: a good-looking body or a healthy body and mind? This will be answered through a qualitative study where the multimodal critical discourse analysis (MCDA) is applied on a total of 21 posts on Instagram, from seven different influencers who focus on fitness, exercising and health. MCDA is used in order to be able to analyze picture and text in relation to each other and also in order to analyze if the posts contain an underlying ideological discourse. The theoretical framework includes female body ideal, the male gaze, our society in which consumerism makes us all products to market and sell, the two step flow theory, media’s power, and theories concerning qualitative textual analysis and visuality. The result show that current body ideals manifest among all posts by these influencers, even though in different degrees. The health benefits of exercising also manifests, although not as often and in some cases the posts lexical choices manifest these health benefits while the visual choices rather manifest the importance of having an ideal body. 

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