There is a rage that has been piled up and at some point will explode

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this study is to investigate how peace and conflict within Nigeria can be understood. This is done by the application of a range of developmental indicators as well as theoretical variables drawn from the field of why insurgencies emerge. This study also includes the role of the Nigerian state in this dynamic. The applied method is a within-case comparison of three cases; the North East: Boko Haram, Niger Delta: MEND and the South West: OPC. Semi-structured informant interviews were done on an eight week field trip to Abuja, capital of Nigeria, in the spring of 2013. This qualitative material provided me with the basis of the empirics on how one can understand the variance and interaction among variables. The outcome of this study suggests that several contextual variables on the country level are performing badly, but that they are insufficient to explain why organized insurgencies emerge. Independent variables, such as levels of education and unemployment correlate with the level of conflict. Intervening variables, such as the salience of religious identity or environmental degradation, must coincide with other variables in order for an organized insurgency to emerge. Conversely, the lack of such setting results in the in-existence of an organized insurgency.

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