Vägen till GULD : En fallstudie av Rudbeck Lab 4 inför verifiering i Miljöbyggnad

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Uppsala universitet/Byggteknik


The number of certified buildings in Miljöbyggnad has highly increased during the last decade and today it is the most common environmental certification system in Sweden. A new building gets a preliminary certificate in Miljöbyggnad at first that has to be verified within two years after the building is put in use. Today, only a few buildings have been verified. Therefore the ones who are involved in a project that is going to be verified have to work in a new way in compare to a standard project.

This thesis examines Rudbeck Lab 4 in order to identify how to ensure that the preliminary certification rating is achieved at verification. Which indicators that are the most critical have been identified and also a risk analysis of Rudbeck Lab 4's rating in Miljöbyggnad has been done.

The most important aspects to examine to ensure that the preliminary certification rating is accomplished when verified are; everybody who is involved in the project's knowledge of Miljöbyggnad, the residents understanding of Miljöbyggnad, structured environmental meetings and clear requirements. It is particularly important to have Miljöbyggnad in mind during the whole project and to create a plan for how the verification is going to be done.

The most critical indicator that has been identified is Energy usage. Solar Load,Thermal climate winter, Thermal climate summer and Daylight are indicators that also may need a particularly control before verification.

Rudbeck Lab 4's chance to reach Miljöbyggnad GOLD is good. If the indicator Energy usage manage to achieve GOLD, the whole project should achieve the rating of GOLD.

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