Hur innevånare i Hässleholms kommun ser på den egna avfallssorteringen

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Miljövetenskaplig utbildning

Sammanfattning: What do people residing in Hässleholm municipality really think about the sorting of their household waste? And do they understand why it`s important to sort their waste? By sorting and recycling our waste, we reduce our environmental impact. And when we do this, greenhouse gas emissions can reduce, which gives us a great environmental benefit. The goal of this study was to analyze the sorting behaviors of people residing in Hässleholm municipality. The focus was on people's vision and if there were any factors that could affect the outcome that prevents them from sorting their household waste and then the study looked if there was any difference between age and gender`s sorting habits. To get answers to the questions, a survey was posted on Facebook. 616 responded to the survey. The study showed that there is little difference between women's and men's recycling of their household waste. Age >20 was the best group through recycling and the 80–90-year-old was the one that did not sort their household waste so much. The results also showed it was few that knew Hässleholm municipality had a waste plan and even less knew that there was a law that say that the consumer should sort their waste. Despite this, the study showed that people had a good attitude and a high awareness of their recycling due to the benefits of recycling. The conclusion is that there is potential to increase the degree of waste sorted in the municipality as there were some residents who wanted more information and some resident that didn`t understand the benefits of sorting. The residents desire to better sort their waste is a good start for a positive development regarding the sorting of the household waste in Hässleholms municipality and can also benefit Hässleholms municipality’s work whit decreasing their environmental impact. Hopefully this study and the result will be useful for Hässleholm`s municipality in their active work whit environmental questions and their continuous improvements so they can be able to meet new environmental goals and stricter environmental requirements.

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