“När arbetsgivaren bjuder till med tiden för vårt välbefinnande så ökar den goda känslan för att sen ta över helt.” : en kvalitativ studie om hur ett friskvårdsprojekt har inverkat en arbetsgrupp utifrån fysisk aktivitet och ett fokus på salutogent perspe

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan Kristianstad/Avdelningen för folkhälsovetenskap; Högskolan Kristianstad/Avdelningen för folkhälsovetenskap

Sammanfattning: Background: Working life has an impact on the health of many individuals during a larger part of life, therefore a big significance for public health. Work environment is important for the well-being of the employees and the development of the business and unhealthy lifestyles can increase absence for example. Being physically active can contribute to comprehensive benefits, such as a better focus and performance at the workplace. Even research has shown increased awareness and interest in health promotion and its effects, the workplace becomes a central arena for these efforts. Aim: The aim was to study what impact a healthcare project has had on a working group on physical activity with a focus on salutogenic perspective Method: A qualitative study was conducted with focus groups as a method. A non-random selection was conducted by the study’s gatekeeper. A content analysis was conducted when the result was analyzed. Result: The study found that employee well-being and community had increased and strengthened. They had become more aware of the benefits of physical activity. They felt secure when they felt support from the employer. There was also some negative experience to the healthcare project linked to its activities performed on work related time or was prevented to be a part because of physical difficulties. Conclusion: The workplace is an important place for the health of the individual and the importance of working with health promotion has been shown more. Both for the individual and for the group, but also from a social perspective, as it has a value for public health. Where physical activity is an initiative that not only prevents people's diseases but also promotes social interaction and interaction between individuals. Therefor, physical activity is a good way to work with health promotion.

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