Sjuksköterskans kompetens i relation till kvinnor i klimakteriet - en litteraturstudie

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: Background: The life-stage menopause is a period of major hormonal changes that every womanwho reaches a certain age will go through. The theoretical framework of the essay is based onMelei's Transition Theory, which describes the importance of knowledge and initiated support toundergo a successful transition. The transition takes place gradually and can last for many years.Menopause is a process that affects all levels of a woman's life, both physically, psychologicallyand socially. Many women experience great difficulties during this process and seek treatmentfor help. Our view after having undergone Swedish nurse training is that the knowledge inhealthcare is not so great. Method: Systematic literature review with 10 scientific articles. Aim:The aim is to describe the nurse's competencies regarding menopause and her support formenopausal women. Results: There is a great deal of ignorance regarding menopause,symptoms, treatment and impact on the life situation, both regarding the support from the healthcare and among the women themselves. Conclusion: Our conclusion is that more education and knowledge are needed, both in nursing education, in clinical work as well as in current research.

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