Grönt och skönt - för alla? En jämförande studie över distribueringen av urban grönska i Göteborgs stad

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / Institutionen för ekonomi och samhälle

Sammanfattning: This essay aims to study how Urban Green is implemented in the detailed developmentplanning, and however this differs in areas with low contra high socioeconomic prerequisites.The topic of environmental injustice has long been overlooked, especially in the swedishplanning practice. The fact that areas with low socio-economic prerequisites often are locatednear green areas in conjunction with the million project could be a possible reason for this.The city of Gothenburg is used as an example as the city is one of the greenest cities inEurope but likewise struggles with high levels of segregation. Two detailed developmentplans regarding areas with different levels of socio-economic prerequisites were analysed.Further, the two areas were studied through a field study, and finally planning practitioners inthe city of Gothenburg were interviewed.The result of the study shows that there indeed is a difference in the urban green planning inthe two socio-economical differential areas. The socio-economic “weaker” area is shown tonot be as prioritized as the detailed development plan of this area contradicts the city'scomprehensive plan, and is considered to have bad effects on several environmental goals.Further the detailed development plan nowhere states any plans of adding any new greeneryto the area which is the case in the socio-economic “strong” area. The study's theoreticalframework consisting of green infrastructure and Ecosystem services, enabled possibleexplanations to the problem researched. Possible explanations found where: Difficulties invaluing green infrastructure, an unclear definition of concepts and aspects of cost andmanagement.The theoretical framework further enabled discussions regarding possible consequences, on a individuell, as well as on a structural scale. As the study only analyses two detaileddevelopment plans in the city of Gothenburg further studies are promoted to discover if theresult also can be concluded on a structural scale.

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