“The forest is gone bit by bit" - Deforestation and its impacts on indigenous communities in Prey Lang, Cambodia

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/LUCSUS

Sammanfattning: Globally, deforestation is occurring at staggering rates and causing tremendous impacts on the planet. Indigenous people, in particular, have long depended on the forest, and their beliefs and ways of life are highly affected by the changes occurring around them. To explore these impacts, Kuy indigenous people living in Pneak Roluk, inside the Prey Lang forest in Cambodia, have been selected as a case study. The concepts of resource frontiers and frontiers of existence guided the analysis, and the findings from this analysis suggest that deforestation is negatively impacting the livelihoods and spiritual beliefs of the Kuy. Contemporary conservation efforts in Cambodia are attempting to address these changes, but fall short on affecting the main drivers causing deforestation, such as elite capture of natural resources. The research concludes that other strategies to limit deforestation and its adverse impacts on indigenous communities are needed.

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