Det handlar om vem man har framför sig – sjuksköterskors erfarenheter av att samtala om fysisk aktivitet och kost med kvinnor som har utländsk bakgrund

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Sammanfattning: Background: Immigrant women living in Sweden experience a lower health than Swedish women. Immigrant women are also in a lower socioeconomic status which can lead to bad eating habits and a lower level of physical activity. This could lead to an increased risk to be afflicted with lifestyle-related diseases. The nurse in the primary health care has an important role in supporting immigrant women to achieve a healthier lifestyle.Aim: The aim of this study was to describe nurses’ experiences of talking about physical activity and food with immigrant women.Method: Six semistructured interviews were carried out with nurses and district nurses working in primary health care centres. The interviews were done at health care centres in the Gothenburg area with a high proportion of immigrants. The transcribed text was analysed through qualitative manifest content analysis.Results: Three main categories emerged from the result: The woman’s prerequisites in the conversation, The nurse’s approach in the conversation and External factors which affects the conversation. The nurses experienced that the immigrant women sometimes had a different view on food, exercise and had other expectations which affected the conversation. The participants also experienced the women being vulnerable which could hinder them to make a lifestyle change. The focus in the conversation was the woman’s needs and both the talk and the suggested actions were adapted to the woman. The external factors that affected the conversation was access to an interpreter and the priorities of the health care centre.Conclusion: The nurses’ description corresponds well with a person-centred talk where the woman’s background, needs and goals are prioritised. To focus on who the person in front of you is and not only on country of origin or cultural differences are prerequisites to be able to motivate a healthier lifestyle.Keywords: women, immigrants, physical activity, food, nurse, person-centred talk, qualitative content analysis

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