Förvaltningsstyrning och dess implementering : En studie om Karlskrona kommuns äldreomsorg

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för statsvetenskap (ST)

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this study is to examine the management of Karlskrona municipality's elderly care. The aim is to examine how the management is related to the theory of New Public Management. In addition, the study will investigate how the administration's employees, in this case the caregiver, respond to the management. In order to investigate this, the steering characteristics that are described by Lennart Lundquist in his theory of implementation, can, wants and understand will play a central part in the study. The essay is a case study based on a qualitative method and semi-structured interviews were made with employees in Karlskrona municipality's home care. The analysis reveals that there were several ideas in the management of the municipality's elderly care that can be seen in relation to the theory of New public management. In addition, the analysis reveals that the caregivers to a certain extent can and wants to comply with the current management, but lacks regarding their understanding of the steering can be identified, which can be seen as a negative effect to the steering overall.

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