En kartläggning av inköpsprocessen för fabriksutrustningen till en Husmutternfabrik

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för innovation, design och teknik

Författare: Fidel Sabbagh; [2018]


Sammanfattning: The purpose of the project: The aim of this project was to finish the current BOM-list that already existed so it could be sent to X-ponent. When that was done it got possible to identify the non X-ponent products from other suppliers. These products had to be order by the needs to build walls, roof, and etc. When all the products were on place on the BOM-list the next goal was to send it back to X-ponent so they could buy them and then start to build different car-riages/boards by knowing who to call. The last step was to plan a delivery based on the most effective way by identify the risks. Make sure that the existing BOM-list is finished with the most suitable tools/ equip-ment’s and how to strategically buy them from X-ponent. How can X-ponent buy the non X-ponent products effective from the suppliers? How will these assembled products arrive effective from X-ponent to Husmutterns facil-ity?  How will these products be financed?Sum: A plan for the purchaser on Husmuttern AB so he/she just have to call X-ponent only once and to tell them a thought date for the products to be on place.Method: To achieve with these tasks, the author had to do a literature study on lean and six sigma tools. The comparison that was done between Husmuttern AB and XX gave a clear im-age about how respective companies purchasing process are. When these studies were done it became easier to handle these tasks, sush as fill in the rest on the BOM-list, knowing how transport the goods effective and also know what to take up on the attended meetings with the suppliers and to communicate through email and phone.Study results: The result for this project was to fill the required equipment’s/tools for the company that is thought to be purchased, considering the best products for these types of car-riage/boards. When all the tools/equipment’s were covered and finished the result was how to strategically buy them from this supplier (X-ponent). The author had to find the best logistics company to deliver these products and therefore was the delivery time estimated and founded based on Google maps estimated time to travel from Phils to X-ponent and then to Husmuttern AB:s facility. To transport the goods from X-ponents facility to the truck was estimated based on earlier experience out of the seller on X-ponent and CEO on husmuttern. The total price for each product from X-ponent:The exact price exkl moms:1 Instruction carriage/board: XXkr2 Tool/equipment carriages/boards: XXkr1 Charging carriage/boards: XXkr1 Unloading carriage: XXkr1 Unrolling stand: XXkr16 Pallet carriages: XXkrThe estimated price for the fixtures:1 Roof fixture: XXkr1 Wall fixture: XXkr1 Inner wall/inner roof fixture: XXkr1 Floor fixture: XXkr1 Corner fixture: XXkrThe estimated delivery price for the total transport: XXkrA total estimated price for the whole process: XXkr excl VATRecommendations: When the facility is on place and is producing the houses, it is important that the staff on the company evaluate the products that was bought, so if they know if any changes will be done or not. This will also help them to save money so they do not have to buy same tools/equipment over and over again. If you see it from another perspective, it will make4 (67)it possible for Husmuttern to tell X-ponent that the products they bought is not good as they thought and that will help X-ponent to fix the coming problems, and maybe make a discount to other Husmuttern facilities that probably be established in the coming future.It is also very im-portant that the company always looks what the market has to tell, and be very aware what the costumers needs in the coming future.

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