Jämförelse av NoSQL-databas och SQL-baserad relationsdatabas : En förklarande studie för när NoSQL kan vara att föredra framför en relationsdatabas

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan Dalarna/Informatik; Högskolan Dalarna/Informatik

Sammanfattning: With the explosive development of the mobile world, web applications and Big Data, new requirements for storage capacity and speed of database systems have arisen. The traditional relational database that has long dominated the marked has received competition because of its lack in speed and scalability. NoSQL is a collective name for databases that are not based on the traditional relational model. NoSQL databases are designed to easily expand their storage capacity while delivering high performance. NoSQL databases have been around for decades but the need for them is relatively new. Our partner expressed a desire to know what differences exist between NoSQL and the traditional relational database. To clarify these differences, we have answered the following questions in this work:  When can a NoSQL database be preferred to a relational database?  What are the differences in database performance? In order to answer these questions, a literature study has been conducted together with experiments where we test which performance differences exist between the selected databases. Performance tests have been performed with the benchmarking tool Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark, to verify or falsify the enhanced performance of the NoSQL databases. The hypotheses were falsified in both NoSQL databases. The results showed that the relational database performed better than the cloud based NoSQL databases, but also that the relational database performance deteriorates when the load increased. The results of the experiments are combined with the literature study and together answer our questions. The conclusion is that no database performs better than another one, it is the requirements of the data to be stored. From these requirements, analyses can be made to draw conclusions about what kind of database is preferable.

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