THE CONCEPTION OF THE BATTLE AGAINST HIV IN SOUTH AFRICA - A Critical Discourse Analysis of Speeches by Mandela, Mbeki and Zuma

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för språk och litteraturer

Sammanfattning: In the past decade South Africa has enrolled the biggest antiretroviral treatment programme(ARV) in the world to treat HIV/AIDS. The country has had a hard time to deal with the diseasefor a long time, however, now seems to make progress in combatting the disease and even setsan example for other countries in the world in how to deal with the disease. How the countryhas been battling this disease and in what way this is represented in the speeches from theformer presidents of the country, is what is at the core of this paper. Messages from Mandela(1994), Mbeki (200) and Zuma (2009, 2014) will be analysed with the help of critical discourseanalysis. The theoretical works of Van Leeuwen (2007), who focusses on legitimation andSchröter (2018), engaging with silence and absence in discourse are the main points ofdeparture for the qualitative analysis that will be conducted on these texts. Resulting inrevealing how marginalisation through stigmatisation, denialist discourse and scientificdiscourse have been legitimised in these speeches.

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