Lyrikens marknad : en analys av lyrikutgivningen 2016

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för förlags- och bokmarknadskunskap

Sammanfattning: There is a general idea in the bookbusiness that poetry, as a genre, isn’t profitable. At the same time it is considered to be high esteemed to publish poetry. The purpose of this thesis was to illustrate the terms of the genre within the swedish bookmarket by doing a survey of the published poetry in 2016 and comparing it to the advertising in Svensk Bokhandel. The purpose was also to review what types of publishing houses that published poetry in the same year. A comparative analysis was made, but two literaturesociological methods was also used. One was a group perspective and the other was an evaluation method for values. Pierre Bourdieus theory about the literary field was applied in the analysis, taking in consideration that the market of poetry is based upon different terms today, compared to when Bourdieu designed his theories. The results from the survey showed that only 18 % of the published poetry in 2016 was marketed in Svensk Bokhandel. The market of poetry seems to be characterized by the digital developement in the book business, whereas the producers move from a traditional publishing business towards for example selfpublishing services. Even though the market is constantly changing, one might say that poetry well represents the tensions between economical and cultural values. Despite where the genre is being produced, published and read.

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