Managing mergers - A micro-perspective on the role of emotions

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Sammanfattning: This article examines the role of actors’ emotions on the shaping of an institution within a merger process. Based on an empirical study of a case where four public organizations were merged into one, actors’ emotional arguments concerning the merger has been analyzed and related to the theoretical perspective of institutional work. This was done in order to expand the understanding of how actors’ emotions are related to activities of shaping an institution within a merger process. We identified that actors experienced several different emotions related to the merger at the same time, which in turn was connected to varying forms of institutional work. The most commonly occurring form of institutional work in this case study was maintenance work, which was connected to the emotions of anger, insecurity, fear and pride. Emotions observed to be connected to institutional creation was emotions of hope and contentment, while emotions of shame and anger drove institutional disruption. This study suggests that within a merger, actors engage in institutional work of maintenance, creation and disruption simultaneously. Thus, the shaping of an institution within a merger process appears to be a complex and ongoing process. By scrutinizing the merger through a micro-perspective, this research thereby shed light on the complexities associated with actors’ engagement in institutional work

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