En upplevelse olik någon annans. Att uppnå hög kundtillfredsställelse med krav på att leverera upplevelser åt alla – en fallstudie på Liseberg AB.

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Produktionsekonomi

Sammanfattning: Title: An experience unlike any other’s. To achieve great customer satisfaction with obligations to deliver experiences for all – a case study on Liseberg amusement park. Authors: Viktor Kjellin, Industrial Engineering and Management ’09, LTH; Fredrik Leifland, Industrial Engineering and Management ’09, LTH Supervisor: Ingela Elofsson, Department of Industrial Management and Logistics, Production Management, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University Purpose: The purpose of this Master’s thesis is to describe and analyze how a company’s allocation of assets and resources can be managed to produce and mediate its value proposition in a way that yields a high level of customer satisfaction. With a theoretical framework to help answer questions about what to deliver to whom, and how to execute this when the product is an experience, this master thesis has described and analyzed how an amusement park with special preconditions can yield high customer satisfaction. The work has been based on quantitative data of current levels of customer satisfaction to crystallize areas of extra challenges which were then closer studied using qualitative methods such as interviews and observations. The takeaways are to harness the parks often broad offering to present an overall high quality experience. A crucial notice is to always keep in remembrance that the individual customer’s preconditions and expectations is the key to that specific customer’s, and ultimately all customers’, satisfaction.

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